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This instructable teaches you how to make a simple weather station with your Raspberry Pi. As weather conditions become increasingly difficult across the world, it’s a good idea to have a system for easily keeping tabs on the forecasts. This is also a great beginner’s project and can be adapted to create a display for just about any type of information and with many different materials.

Things you will do in this project:
- Control LEDs with your Pi
- Access weather data using Python
- Solder fiddly bits of wire
- Some (very) basic woodwork


- Some scrap wood
- Raspberry Pi Zero W
- LEDs (I used eight, but you may want more or less)
- Adhesive labels (optional)
- Wood adhesive
- Hot glue (optional)
- Wire and solder
- 1K (or similar) ohm resistor
- Screws to mount the Pi

- Soldering iron (and peripherals)
- Dremel (or something else to cut and shape the display board with)
- Drill”

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