IoT Raspberry Pi security camera running OpenCV for object detection. The camera will send an email with an image of any objects it detects.
Check out this video to see a summary of the build steps and the completed camera:
Building the Housing
The housing consists of two components made from 1/4” (really 0.22” - 0.23”) medium density fiber (MDF) board. A bottom portion holds the camera and Raspberry Pi Zero in place, and a top portion attaches to the mounting bracket. We drew out some basic designs with a few holes to mount the components. Schematics of the upper and lower portions of the housing with exact dimensions can be found in the “Schematics” section, but you may want to vary your dimensions based on the parts and hardware available to you.

Cutting and Gluing the Housing
Once we had our basic design, we created some paper templates to cut the MDF board. Paper templates aren’t needed to cut the MDF board, but we found that it was easier to position the parts on the board. They can also be saved for later and used to build another camera if you make a mistake while cutting. The exact measurements for this template can be found in the attachments section below. Trace and cut out each piece, being sure to label them. Then trace the template pieces onto the MDF board.”


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