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Mini Bartop Arcade

This time, I’d like to show you my old times arcade version
using Raspberry Pi Zero, based on Picade Desktop Retro Arcade Machini, as seen in this site:…

The goal of this project is to build a retro vídeo game as a gift to my brother that was portable, easy to use, beautiful and very funny.

Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is highly recommended to use the Raspberry Pi Zero W, since this device connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi.
Joystick and buttons. It is not necessary the zero delay board, since in this project the joystick and buttons will be conected directly to the Raspberry Pi Zero W GPIO.
12V x 5A switched power supply.
5V x 3A homemade power supply (project included). This part is unecessary in case one prefer using a 5V x 5A switched power supply.
7 inches LCD monitor.
Laser cutted acrylic and MDF parts.
USB DAC PCM2704 board.
A pair of speakers.”

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