CalClock: Simply See Your Schedule

The worst loss of concentration is getting interrupted just to learn that there is no need for an interruption. I find this often happens in relation to my schedule. Ill be working on a problem, and have the inkling thought, Is there something else I should be doing?. This prompts me to check calendar my phone. Once my phone is open, Im pulled to check email and social media. Ive lost the clear mental state I had moments ago.
I built the calClock to help solve that problem. When I get the urge to check my schedule, I can simply glance up to the wall to see the next 12 hours of my Google Calendar displayed on the wall. The lit interface is simple, encouraging me to return to my work instead of diving deeper into the information. When I am curious about the calendar, its a glance away. When my mind is elsewhere, its a non-invasive part of my peripheral vision.
If you’d like to learn how to make this, follow along!
Materials you’ll need:

- 10”x10”x1” sheet of no void birch plywood
- 1/4” acrylic sheet (white or clear)
- Raspberry Pi Zero w
- Neopixel roll:
- Clock Mechanism
- Wires for soldering and such
- USB cable for power”


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