Building the FabTinyISP

The FabTinyStar is yet another version of an AVR ISP programmer/board that can be produced in a fab lab using a milled PCB and readily available components. The project is based on the efforts of many people. For more history of the FabTinyStar and the people who have contributed to it, please refer to Zaerc’s FabTinyStar page.

This version (the “FabTinyISP Minimal” is a minor revision to Zaerc’s version 0.3 (Bas), with small modifications:

The reset switch and target power switch have been removed. The reset switch adds cost and isn’t incredibly useful on an ISP programmer, as the target can be easily reset through a software command. The target power swtich has been removed as providing power to the target through the programming port is usually discouraged. Users who understand the implications of this are welcome to build one of the FTS designs with the switch.
The copper ground pour has been removed and replaced with individual ground traces; this allows novice solderers to mill away more of the copper. All components solder to clearly defined pads on both sides.
The extra pads connecting to the USB data lines were removed; this version is targeted solely at being an ISP programmer rather than being a general-purpose tiny45 board.
The PTC thermistor was removed; as this part currently isn’t in the inventory most users would build it with a 0Ω resistor anyway. As the option to provide target power has been removed, it should be much more difficult to create a condition where the polyfuse would be needed.
The Makefile has been replaced. Targets for programming the fuses on an ATtiny45 have been added. The original Makefile also results in problems on case-insensitive filesystems (i.e. Windows).
This page describes how to build, program, test, and debug the board.”


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