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How to Build a USBTiny ISP Programmer : by Utilizing CNC PCB Milling Machine

Did you think about how to build your own electronic project from scratch?
Doing electronics projects is so exciting and fun for us, makers. But most makers and hardware enthusiast who are just stepping ahead to the maker culture built their projects with development boards, breadboards, and modules. This way, we can build the rapid prototype version of our project. But it shall be bulk in size and messed with breadboard wirings. Similar case while using a Generic PCB board, it also looks messy and unprofessional!
So, how we can build our projects in a more convenient way?
The best way to use Standalone PCBs for our project!
Designing and manufacturing a PCB for our project is better and convenient way to express your professionalism and expertize!. We can minimize the size of our project into a compatible size and custom shapes, PCBs are looks neat and sturdy connections are some of the advantages.
So, what matters is, how we build a PCB cost effective and time effective?
We can send our design to a PCB manufacturer to manufacture our PCB design, But it should be time taking and blew your pocket. Another method is to do toner transfer method using a laser printer and photo paper. But its also time taking and test your level of patients and you also need a permanent marker to patch the non-etched parts. I used this method a lot of time and I hate it.
So, what is the best way?
In my case, The best way to use CNC milling machines to build your PCB. PCB milling machines give you good quality PCB and it takes less time, less resource and cheapest way to produce PCB prototypes!
So, let’s build a USBtiny ISP programmer by utilizing a CNC milling machine!
Without further do, let’s get started!”

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