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3d Printed Measuring Tools and Useful Accessories

Hello again .. Today in this Instructables I’m going to show some examples of some 3d printed tools and items which I have designed and printed in the last few weeks.. Recently I got my own 3d printer…A very common one is Ender 3…and I am learning Fusion 360 since then…and in this time period.. I made these items to make my workflow easier… I know there are alternatives are available to buy.. But I wanted to take the opportunity to make my own items..

I personally designed Most of the models I have printed… And I do have all the fusion files to show that…also I downloaded some from Thingiverse and printed them directly…I will link everything accordingly…

So without wasting any more time.. let’s have a look at the tools and things I have printed so far, to enhance my workflow…”

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