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A clip-on electronic depth gauge for a Dremel Drill Press. No wires or screws required.

Sometimes during a build, you may need to drill holes of a fixed depth. I have a Dremel Drill Press and while it is a useful tool, the “depth gauge” that is incorporated is sometimes problematic.

The problem is that over time either due to vibrations or hitting the stop, it will move making the subsequent holes deeper than the first hole drilled.

After reading Thomas Angielsky’s Drill Depth Display with Gyro Sensor build, I wondered how I might make something like it for my Dremel Drill Press. Fixing a gyro sensor to the handle didn’t seem practical. Also having to fix anything to the Drill Press or having wires floating around didn’t seem a good idea either.

The solution I ended up using was a magnet and a linear hall sensor.”

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