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This is a vending machine model that is designed to accept various coins, online forms of payment like UPI and wallets(ex. Google Pay,PayTM, PhonePe, Amazon Pay etc). Nowadays, People want to avoid the hassle of carrying change and this is where online payment support is useful.
It was actually my final year engineering project that was completed but was not presented due to the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting everything. I am extremely sorry for the badly recorded videos as I never got to make a proper demonstration.
Supplies:For the machine casing and spiral mechanism I used foam board, cardboard, steel wire (2mm thickness),
And following are the parts I used to make the device:
Arduino Mega 2560
16x2 LCD display
I2C for LCD display
SIM800L GSM module
CS 616 coin acceptor
3x geared DC motor with wheel
Arduino motor shield
SPST switch
3x LEDs and resistors
xcluma DC-DC 12V to 3.3V 5V 12V Power Module Multi-Output Voltage Conversion Module
DC jack
DC 12V adapter”

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