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Hello everyone, I got inspired by this genius

I saw the video but I wasnt going to disarm one of my printers, so I developed new pieces and made all the procees to make my own version, I called “Zen Table”
it is a long project and a little bit expensive, so be ready to work hard.
Supplies:as general review, in this project you will need:
a 3D Printer
knowledge about digital circuits
knowledge about cnc machines
great ability with mechanisms

These are the needed pieces for the electric part of the project

Shield Ramps 1.4 - 1 piece
LCD module for ramps 1.4 with module for shield SD “RepRapDiscount Smart Controller” 1 piece
Drivers for step motor drv8825 3 pieces
Jumpers for drivers 9 pieces
Arduino mega 1 piece
Nema 17 Motor Steps 17hs4023 0.7amp 1.4kg/cm 3 pieces
12v source 10 amps 1 piece
LED strip 3 meters
End-of-run switches (limit switches) 2 pieces
Electric cable the amount depends on the distance from the table to plug”

Link to article