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A tri-color personal slot machine with a 3D printed realistic lever to spin the wheels.

While looking at projects on the Adafruit site, I came across a fruit machine project that has a cool 3D printed lever that incorporates its own return spring. The Adafruit fruit machine is built around a fairly large 32x64 RGB Matrix (4mm pitch) display. Since I had three 60mm x 60mm Red/Green LED matrixes that were left over from another project, I thought that I would modify my Matrix Slot Machine to incorporate this 3D printed lever.

The Red/Green matrix modules are common anode. Each matrix has 16 cathodes (8 red and 8 green). The cathodes are connected to a DM13A 16 Channel shift register with each output being a constant current LED driver. The anodes for each matrix are connected to a single set of 8 P-Channel MOSFETs which are driven by a 3 to 8 line decoder/driver so as to reduce the pin count needed for the microprocessor.”

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