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Double helix boat, controlled by Arduino IoT Cloud with siren, patrol LED and laser cannon.

IoT boat connected to the Cloud IoT with Arduino Nano 33 IoT
We set up this project to present the Cloud IoT Arduino with the Arduino Nano 33 IoT board and develop the skills of aquatic maker projects, where knowledge of buoyancy in water, movement and tightness are very important.

In the video below, there is the presentation of the boat navigating through the control by the dashboard assembled by Eliezer Neto on the Arduino Cloud IoT, we tested the control by making the boat rotate on its own axis and the navigation forwards and turns to the right. The control of forward navigation was to be desired because one engine was spinning faster than the other, thus compromising the route in a straight line, if your project has the same problem it can be solved by software with a PDI code to compensate for the rotation or hardware with a voltage limiter on the motor pole.”

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