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A few weeks ago, my daughter asked me about dreamcatchers and as most dad’s do…I overwelmed her with fantastic stories about the power of dreamcatchers ….well..I might have overdone it a little because she was so impressed that she decided that she needs one! So, why not let her make one….well….that has something to do with the story I told her. True or not, but I kind of told her that a dreamcatcher is something that you will get as a gift. You can make one for a friend but if you make one for yourself, it will be a lot less powerfull. Duh, why did I say that? Now, I had to make her one! No, problem but, being an Electronic Engineer, it had to be special and it should include some sort of electronics!
As I starting point on how to build a Dreamcatcher, I used the following instructable:…
So, I happen to have some smart leds and arduino laying on my desk doing nothing. So I decided to design a pcb for it that can be used to embed into you dreamcatcher. That way your dreamcatcher will have some lights that you can program. Using my arduino sketch she lights on the dreamcatcher will light up in various rainbow colors. It’s a beautiful sight.
- 1 PCB ( You can buy it at tinder store or build your own, schematics are provided)
- Components on pcb ( Attiny85 and mostly leds, resistors, diodes and capacitors)
- In circuit programmer or extra arduino to upload the Arduino bootloader to the microcontroller)
- Some steel wire or rod to make an outer ring for the dreamcatcher
- Wire or wool to be used to make the dreamcatcher’s web.
- A 9V Battery”

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