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Star Trek Apple Watch Charger Dock

Do you want a Charger Stand for your Apple Watch that looks like the Desktop Viewer / monitor from the original Star Trek series? I did, I was inspired by several Apple Watch charger stands that looked like various Macintosh Computers. So, after I got a 3D in September, I worked through several simple designs in TinkerCAD and felt like I was ready to tackle something a little more difficult. There may have been easier ways to do what I did, but the “ungrouped” image from TinkerCAD shows the number of objects required to create the monitor section.

The tools, software and materials needed for this project are:

Ender 3 pro 3D printer (or any 3D printer)
Cura (or your favorite slicer)
TinkerCAD (I used this as it was free and had a easy learning curve)
Gray PLA 1.75 mm filament (any color will do, but the original in the show was a shade of gray)
#4 x 3/8” sheet metal cap screw (Phillips head)
Phillips screw driver
And of course an Apple Watch and charger.”

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