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Text Teleporter

Using Arduino, I show you how to copy text from one device and paste it in another device via Bluetooth, be it a smartphone or a laptop.

This is my first project on Hackster and it’s about relieving the fuss of copying some text from one device which has to be pasted in another device. I would sometimes mail or text myself what I wanted to paste and then open my mail or Facebook to copy that text. Although Google now offers a service where you can paste onto your desktop if you have Chrome and a Google account, I wanted to create an overall solution which would work across any device ( And mostly because I like to tinker with Arduino and wanted to create a simple yet useful project for all). This project is fairly easy and can be made by anyone, even if you haven’t used an Arduino before. So if you feel you’ve faced this problem, feel free to indulge and try this project for yourself. I have explained each and everything that is needed to understand this project.

For this project, I’ll be using Arduino Micro but you can use any Arduino compatible board with ATmega32u4 as the main processor, since it is capable of acting as a Human Interface Device(HID); in this case, a keyboard. I haven’t tested this project on other processors like Microchip’s SAMD21 and SAMD51.

You’ll also need breadboard and some jumper wires, HC-05 bluetooth module and a micro USB type B cable to program your Arduino board.

Other than these parts, you’ll obviously need a laptop and a smartphone to test your project.”

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