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Smart Hand Glove

Help the hearing and speech impaired children learn and communicate normally by means of sign-language.

RATIONALE The intention behind proposing this project is to help the hearing and speech impaired children learn and communicate normally by means of sign-language. The device proposed in this project could convert hand gestures to electrical signals which can be sent to a micro-controller that converts the signals into alphabets or commands. This would be a great blessing for these physically challenged children by reducing the communicaAon gap between their community and the normal world. It is a low cost, compact, flexible system and takes minimal power to operate.

1. To encourage the implementaAon of this project as a tool for the teaching-learning process.

2. To apply the concept of SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment), in the teaching methodology.

1. To use the end product as a teaching and communicaAon tool for the physically challenged children, by using sign language. We are considering glove-based gesture recognition as it is simple and user-friendly.

2. To develop a sense of empathy amongst students towards physically challenged children. It felt good to spread the essence of encouragement and motivation amongst the team members. But here’s something that always gives me a pause, the mere importance that giving back to the community, plays in our lives. More importantly, learning how to give back to the community.


To execute this project, we thought of going through the design thinking process for this mission. This involved:

1. Brain storming

2. Idea and Research

3.Designing of the prototype

4.Construction and programming (Arduino)of the prototype

5. Evaluating and testing the prototype

It was important to create cost-effective product.”

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