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EEG AD8232 Phase 2

So this Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) built an EEG:…
It seems to work okay but one of the things I dont like about it is being tethered to a computer. I use that as an excuse to not do any testing. Another concern I have is that it seems like Im getting some AC power line noise in my signal.
During some earlier testing I saw mysterious 40Hz spike that seems to go away when I disconnect the USB and ran it on battery. See pictures.
Anyway, I did some testing with HC05 and HC06 Bluetooth modules and was able to get them to work:…
As mentioned, fellow Instructabler, lingib released his EEG Monitor:
He writes much better code than I do and also developed a Processing code, so this project is based on his EEG Monitor. For Phase 2, I want to make a battery-powered EEG monitor.”

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