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I love the beach. I can stay for a long time to contemplate the waves, the sun, the ocean … I want to create a surprise for the morning walkers who discover on the beach very large drawings of animals, portraits, texts … The drawings are fading, they are effaced by the tide. : What’s the point? A: What is art used for? Before departure, the mission of the rover is prepared in advance by placing the image to be drawn on a map. Once on the spot, the robot aims to trace the path on the sand with the help of the map, a GNSS receiver and sensors like compass and odometer. The rover don’t need any hardware tags that define the work area, so it can work on large areas. It is located on the ground knowing its geographical coordinates using its sensors. The tool used to draw is still in development, Odysseus can already draw figures. However it still needs to improve accuracy with more sensitive sensors.”

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