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This project will show you how to make your own smart cleaning robot.

While cleaning, getting to those nasty little unreachable spaces under the beds, tables, and sofas can be a big pain. Though small but smart vacuum cleaners are now out there, who wants to spend more than 500 bucks on them when you can make one all by yourself at home under 150 bucks!

Yes, you heard us right! It IS possible for you to make your own cute little home cleaner that will scrub your floor and the walls clean with just a few clicks and taps on your Smartphone! Presenting to you the DIY easy to build Smart Cleaning Robot! Cleaning your home just got DIYfied! Happy Cleaning!

Step 1: List of Things You Will Need:
Acrylic Part: Base Plate
HC05 Bluetooth Module
Dual Shaft BO Motor
Samsung 3.7V 2600 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
30mm M3 (Female to Female)
Blix Box
Metal Servo Motor and Accessories
12V 3W Water Pump
Cable Ties
Male to Female Jumper Cable 20cm
Step 2: Making of the Smartphone Controlled Robot
Firstly, we will be focusing on making the base of the robot first. As we want our robot to be controlled by just the click on your Smartphone, we need to bring Bluetooth Module in the frame too.

So let’s begin with the assembly of the Smartphone Controlled Robot:

First, take the base plate and to it connect the two Motor Mounts using M3 bolts and nuts.Onto this motor mounts, fix the DC Motors onto them. To this motor connect the wheels.”

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