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Hey guys! I Hope you already enjoyed my previous post about “Bluetooth AT Commands Settings” and you are ready for a new one, as usual I made this tutorial to guide you step by step while you make your own PCB business card since I find it as an amazing project that combines both electronics learning and PCB designing and it could be a good start for beginners to upgrade them making skills.

During the making of this project, we tried to make sure that this post will be the best guide for you in order to help you if you want to make your own PCB Business Card, so we hope that this post contains the needed documents.

This project is so handy to make specially after getting the customized printed circuit boards that we’ve ordered from JLCPCB to improve the appearance of our Business Crad and also there is enough documents and codes in this guide to allow you create your beautiful business card.

We’ve made this project in just 2 days only, just one day to get all the needed parts and finish the hardware making and the assemble, then one day to prepare the code to suit our project.

What you will learn from this project :
Making the right hardware selection.
Prepare the circuit diagram to connect all the choosen components.
Create the appropriate PCB design.
Solder the electronic parts to the PCB.
Start the first test and validate the project.”

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