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CO2 meter using M5StickC

I made a CO2 concentration meter for the purpose of room ventilation guide. The CO2 sensor is MH-Z19B, NDIR type.

Cause I’ve been working at home and being cooped up in my room, I decided to make a CO2 meter as a guide to ventilate my room.

A MOX gas type that called CCS811 showed inappropriate results for measuring actual CO2 concentration, such as higher readings due to human farting, so I use a high-precision NDIR-type MH-Z19B in this case.

I designed all of these to fit inside the enclosure for safe use.

I designed the board in KiCAD, ordered the board from FusionPCB, and 3D printed the enclosure using the same orange-colored filament as the M5StickC.”

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