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Smart gardening without coding - all free and open source

All open source, no coding, remote accessible DIY automated smart irrigation.

Not this time!
I’ve been growing some tomatoes, chili peppers and other vegetables on my balcony for a couple of years now and while in general I did reasonably well (I’m really not a gardener but I enjoy figuring out how to make things grow) the biggest issue was really when in August I went abroad for summer holidays and instructed my neighbors to take care of my plants. While they probably did their best, it wasn’t really enough. One year I returned and the tomatoes were close to drying out (reducing the harvest quite a bit), the other year they were flooded. So I decided that this year I’d take care of it myself. And here’s how:

A homegrown irrigation system for the homegrown veggies
There are already plenty of projects on the internet for this sort of thing, nevertheless I want to share my setup as I think it turned out quite well and I hadn’t seen one with a sophisticated app to control it remotely.

What makes this one different from most others, is that it can be controlled by an app, will show logs and graphs and is accessible remotely so that one can check up on it while on summer holidays. In addition to that, this was possible without coding at all. I didn’t even need a command line on the Raspberry Pi a single time.

One other peculiarity of this setup is that I live on the topmost floor in a 3 floor house and have a rather large terrace. However, don’t have any water supply on that terrace. So in order to get water I decided to collect it from the roof into a water batter and use a water pump to distribute it from there to the plants.”

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