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ESP8266 Duck Hunt

Hello there!
Today i will make a short instructable how to make a little game pcb board to play duck hunt with Esp8266.
Lets start!

n order to make this instructable you will need the following.

Parts needed:
- Esp8266 Esp12E/F (programmed as Wemos D1 mini)
- ESP12F burning fixture/optional/
- SSD1306 oled display
- Custom pcb board
- 6 pushbuttons
- 6 standard 10K resistors
- A 3 pin switch
- JST_2-PIN_2.54MM
- JST PH 2-PIN 2.0MM
- Standard arduino DC Jack
- AMS1117 3.3 and 5V voltage regulator (SOP223)
- 2X 47uF electrolytic capacitor
- 2X4 female pin header”

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