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I’ve always been fascinated by unusual clocks. This is one of my latest creations that uses refrigerator alphabet numbers to display the time.

The numbers are placed on a piece of thin white Plexiglas that has thin sheet metal laminated to the back. There are small magnets in each of the numbers that cause the number to cling to the sheet metal when they are not being moved.

The numbers are moved using CoreXY mechanism that moves a carriage behind a number, it then engages two magnets which attract the magnets on the number and allows the number to follow the carriage movement. Once at it’s destination the carriage magnets are disengaged and the number will stay in place because of the thin sheet metal backing the Plexiglas.

1 x RobotDyn SAMD21 M0-Mini
1 x Adafruit PCF8523 RTC1
1 x Kingprint CNC ShieldStepper Motor Shield
2 x A4988 Motor Driver
2 × Usongshine Stepper Motor 42BYGH
1 x Servo Motor
2 × GT2 Timing Belt Pulley, 16 teeth, 5mm width
2 × GT2 Idler Pulley, 5mm Bore, Toothless
2 × Lever Microswitch with roller
6 × GT2 Idler Pulley, 5mm Bore, 20 Teeth
1 × GT2 Timing Belt, 8m5
54 × 6x2mm Brushed Nickel Refrigerator Magnets
2 × 10x3mm Brushed Nickel Refrigerator Magnets
2 × 8mm x 600mm Guide Rod
2 × 8mm x 500mm Guide Rod
1 × LM7805, 5v voltage regulator
1 × 12V, 10A Power Supply
1 x 1/16” thick white Plexiglas, 21”x19”
1 x36ga sheet metal, 20”x18”
1 x3/4” Plywood, 24”x24”
Miscellaneous Hardware”

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