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An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate electrical activity in the brain.

This instructables explains how to build an EEG waveform monitor using an Arduino UNO R3, a TFT graphics shield, and a modified AD8232 heart monitor.

The TFT graphics shield is described in my instructable…

Due to its small size the TFT display can only show 4 out of the 32 possible channels at any one time … but the choice of channels is yours.

Processing software is included for displaying all 32 EEG channels simultaneously on your PC screen.

Arduino EEG software covering each of the following frequency ranges is also presented [1]:

DC .. 32Hz
DC .. 64Hz
DC .. 128Hz
DC .. 256Hz
DC .. 512Hz
DC .. 1024Hz
DC .. 2048Hz
DC .. 3200Hz
The estimated cost of parts for this project is less than $30.


The cover photo shows the EEG Monitor display
Photo 2 shows the completed monitor
The video shows the EEG Monitor in operation


DC stands for Direct Current which equates to a frequency of 0Hz”

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