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Lorawan Vehicle Tracker

This device will report a vehicle location using lorawan connectivity.

During this Covid-19 pandemics, many countries face a crisis in their economics area. Many of them falling into great recession that forces them to create a bond in order to stimulate the economics sector. The side effect of this recession is huge amount of layoffs. Due to sudden unemployment, many of them are not ready and take a shortcut to be a thief.

This project will solve a problem in this particular case by finding the lost vehicle using lorawan and GPS. The GPS will report the location of vehicle and lorawan node (RAK 811) will transmit it to our platform.

This project require 1 lorawan sensor-node (RAK 811), 1 GPS board (Ublox Neo 6M), and 1 battery. Then it need to be soldered in several location. Every components then need to put into an enclosure. Here are some pictures of my work.”

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