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How to make the wearable activity tracking watch? This is a wearable gadget designed to vibrate when it detects stagnation.

Do you spend most of your time on the computer like me? Are you sitting for hours without realizing it? Then this device is for you :)

I made a fun introduction to this project, I think you should watch it :) This is what inspired the Vibrating Watch, a simple activity tracker that will notify you when you are inactive for a pre-set period of time. In this project, we’ll build a wearable gadget designed to vibrate when it detects stagnation. This device is low-cost and can help keep you on the move.

The heart of this project is the ATtiny85. This microcontoller can be programmed with the Arduino IDE and is easy to fit into projects to keep cost and size down. With three analog inputs and two PWM outputs, the ATtiny85 has just enough I/O for this project. For our activity sensing needs, I am using the MMA7341LC 3-axis accelerometer which outputs each axis on a different analog line. This accelerometer also has a sleep mode that can be activated by the microcontroller to improve battery life. Our activity reminder will come through a vibration motor which, despite its small size is powerful enough.”

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