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In the far 2017 I partecipated (and won) to a challenge promoted by FLIR and the Foundation.I used a FLIR Lepton3 module and a BeagleBone Blue to detect and track people using their temperature.

This year, the year of COVID19, I decided to get that project out of the drawer and to adapt it to Nvidia Jetson Nano to realize an application to control human body temperature and issue alerts in case of fever.

FLIR Lepton 3
The FLIR Lepton3 communicates with the host using two different communication channels:

I2C to control the sensor settings
SPI to send thermal image data
The breakout board
The FLIR Lepton3 module requires a breakout board to connect it to our device. I use the GroupGets FLIR breakout board v1.4. All required Lepton system voltages, I2C pullups, and clocking is provided by this board so you can focus on your application software and not the Lepton setup hardware. Recently the new breakout board v2 has been released with an useful VSINC signal and other useful features, that allow to realize more stable communication drivers.”

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