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MaskCam: A Jetson Nano AIoT Mask Detection Camera

MaskCam is a smart mask detection camera based around the Jetson Nano that features 30FPS video processing and web server connectivity.

MaskCam is a prototype reference design for a Jetson Nano-based smart camera system that measures crowd face mask usage in real-time, with all AI computation performed at the edge. MaskCam detects and tracks people in its field of view and determines whether they are wearing a mask via an object detection, tracking, and voting algorithm.

It uploads detection statistics to the cloud, where a web GUI can be used to monitor face mask compliance in the area the camera is watching. It saves interesting video snippets to local disk (e.g., a sudden influx of lots of people not wearing masks) and can optionally stream video via RTSP.

We urge you to try it out! It’s easy to install on a Jetson Nano Developer Kit and only requires a USB webcam. This page gives instructions for setting up and running MaskCam. We’ll also be adding a video guide that walks you through the setup.

MaskCam was developed by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTI) and Tryolabs S.A., with development funded by NVIDIA. MaskCam is offered under the MIT License. For more information about MaskCam, please see the report from BDTI. The project is also fully open-sourced under the MIT license. Further details about using and modifying MaskCam are given in our GitHub repository.

If you have questions, please email us at We’ll be giving a talk on this project at the 2021 Embedded Vision Summit, stay tuned for a link to the session page!”

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