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FLIR Lepton3

The FLIR Lepton® 3, FLIR's highest resolution LWIR micro thermal camera solution, delivers full 160 x 120 pixel thermal resolution, a 4x increase over earlier Lepton versions. The revolutionary Lepton was the first complete longwave infrared thermal camera small enough to be used in smartphones and other mobile devices. The new, higher resolution Lepton 3 gives users better image detail in a powerful, compact, lightweight package for even greater utility in commercial applications as both a thermal camera and a detection sensor. Smaller than a dime and ten times less expensive than a traditional IR camera, the 160 x 120 resolution Lepton brings high quality thermal vision everywhere.

tCam-Mini: An ESP32-Based Radiometric Thermal Imaging Camera

“A simple-to-build streaming radiometric thermal imaging camera with powerful desktop software. tCam-Mini is a small wireless streaming thermal imaging camera I designed to make it easy to get and use radiometric data from a Flir Lepton 3.5 sensor. I …

COVID19 - Fever Control with Jetson Nano and FLIR Lepton3

“In the far 2017 I partecipated (and won) to a challenge promoted by FLIR and the Foundation.I used a FLIR Lepton3 module and a BeagleBone Blue to detect and track people using their temperature. This year, the …