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DIY Neuralyzer and Men in Black Costume

If you have a couple of hours to spare during quarantine, this DIY Neuralyzer can be a fun introductory project into the world of electronics and 3D printing. As a plus, it can make a family member or friend laugh as they see you parading around in a Men in Black costume! First, I’ll explain how to make the Neuralyzer, then the costume.

For the Neuralyzer, you will need:
1. 3V coin cell battery
2. 4 LEDs (I used 2 blue ones and 2 white ones)
3. 8” of copper wire
4. 4-pin button switch
5. Black filament
6. 2 strong magnets (9mm diameter)
7. Scrap metal
1. Soldering Iron
2. 3D printer
3. Hot Glue Gun”

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