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I’ve always wanted to make my own Bluetooth speaker from scratch and with my new found free time I decided to accelerate that want into a reality!
The board I designed revolves around the XS3868 Bluetooth module and the 3watt by 3watt Pam8403 audio amp. This is all thrown together with a battery charging and voltage regulation circuit all housed inside of a project box I got off Amazon. The focus of this board was to make it as modular as possible to accommodate any type of housing for it. The end result is a pretty decent audio amp that has only one flaw and that is the Pam8403 IC. While the amp outputs a clear enjoyable sound it can be overloaded if the input volume climbs too high which will lead to a skipping sound. This can be mitigated by adjusting the volume either from the device connected or by tuning the volume on the XS3868.
In my opinion this project is still a success even with this one flaw. The speaker can still be enjoyed but won’t blow you away or out perform all speakers. This project was just for fun and is acting as a stepping stone for the next version! I plan on redesigning this board but with a more powerful amp.
All that being said, I have included all the files necessary to reproduce this very board. If you replicate this project I would like add that you do it at your own risk as I haven’t fully explored the performance in depth.
The BOM txt file contains all the parts for the board and their package sizes.
Lets get started!”

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