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This project aims to create a gadget that reads the 2D barcodes of the products I want to add to my shopping list. (Bring! Shopping List App).
The gadget is built with an M5StickC + a 2D barcode reader with a serial port (YK-E1005-OEM) + a box built with a 3D printer to integrate them.
To communicate with the Bring! application I took advantage of my Raspberry PI running Home Assistant. The barcodes are sent through MQTT to the MQTT server (Mosquitto) and once received in HomeAssistant a code programmed in Python is launched. This program looks for the barcode in an excel sheet where you can find the list of all the products. Once the product is identified it is sent to the Bring! application through an unofficial API and by MQTT the product name is returned to show it on the barcode reader screen.

M5Stick C (10)
CCD Barcode scanner 1D - 3,3Vcc (15)
Ribbon cable to PCB board (5)”

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