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Power Timer With Arduino and Rotary Encoder

This Power Timer is based on the timer presented at:…
A power module and an SSR (solid state relay) were attached to it.
Power loads of up to 1KW can be operated and with minimal changes the load power can be increased.
The choice of timer duration or program number is set from the Rotary Encoder located on the front panel. This is also where the timing starts. The LCD1602 displays the initial time duration, the program number but also the remaining time.
The load is connected to the Power Timer via a wall-mounted socket (on the back of the box).
I wrote a new program for this variant, according to the needs of power applications.
The applications cover a wide range:
mixer motors, water pumps for garden watering, heating elements, etc.
Supplies:All components can be found on AliExpress at low prices.
From my own workshop I used the metal box (from the power supply of an old PC), connecting wires, screws, nuts, spacers and plastic foils.
The power supply is made on a separate PCB, made by me and designed in KiCad. About this in a future Instructables.
The box is not painted but wrapped in a sticker that can be found at any DIY store.”

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