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This is an Instructable about a mini oscilloscope I made, it isn’t anywhere near as capable as a real (digital) oscilloscope (such as my Rigol) but I think it is nice to have. Even more important, I enjoy making things, even when they have no real use. For an example of that, just look at my “tuning fork oscillator”.
Browsing the internet I came across some simple diy oscilloscopes, usually made with an Arduino or Arduino compatible board but almost always with the Arduino software. The trouble with these is that an Arduino isn’t very fast, its ADC isn’t either and the Arduino software certainly isn’t known for its speed. So some people added a separate ADC to it, which increases the hardware complexity and the total price. I thought it could be done easier and cheaper and still have a reasonable performance. And I’m a fan of the STM32 series of ARM microcontrollers made bij ST Microelectronics so I picked one of those. I also like to do a project with the smallest, and often cheapest, microcontroller possible but still with acceptable performance. “

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