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Over the years, I have seen many interesting 3D printed rover robot projects and I love how 3D printing technology has helped the robotic community to grown more diversity in design and material choices. I want to add a small contribution to the robotic community by publishing MrK_Blockvader on Instructable for the Maker Community.
MrK_Blockvader is a fun little robot with tiny buzzer, but don’t let the blocky look fools you. He could be equipped with the color sensor, distance sensor, a radio module to communicate with other Blocky with alike capability, with a base or with a controller.
MrK_Blockvader will be part of a robot network where one can be assigned as the commander to a group of robots to archive the same objective.

1 * Arduino Nano
1 * DC motor driver
2 * DC motor with gearbox
1 * 650 mAh Venom LiPo battery
2 * 1/24 RC truck wheels
2 * White LEDs
1 * Distance sensor
1 * Color sensor
1 * nRF24 breakout board
1 * nRF24 radio board
1 * Buzzer
1 * Switch
1 26 AUG Black wire_
26 AUG Blue wire

1 22 AUG Black wire_
22 AUG Red wire”

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