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Ghostbusters PKE Meter

There was one cartoon in particular that seems to dominate my childhood memories and that was The Real Ghostbusters. Ray, Winston, Peter and Egon were armed to the teeth with really cool gadgets, among them the PKE meter. This was my favourite of all their tech and it basically detected the ghosts they were trying to hunt.

What I am going to do is make my own fully functional PKE meter.

3D printer (although there are plenty of services which will print and post)
3D model files found here.
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Night vision camera
Sense Hat
3.5” Monitor (I’ve found a cheap alternative to official Pi screens which need a bit of modding but works great)
Battery pack found here.
Buttons (I used some left over from an arcade project)
GhostBox Code (included in Step 6!)
A word library (included in Step 6!)”

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