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My Christmas project is done! Everybody is crazy about LED cubes. I wanted to create one myself, but I wanted to make it an even bigger challenge and since I am not limited by the use of circuit boards, I’ve decided to make an LED ball.
It took me 24 hours to solder and one long night to finish. But it was worth it. It’s nice when lit and even nicer when not. Enjoy!


Narrow pliers
Round-nose pliers
Side cutters
Soldering station
Bending machine haha, no just kidding. That would be a show stopper for everybody. You just need some round objects to be at the diameter of the rights - beer cans, spray cans…
3D printer

0.8mm brass wire (you can use copper or steel as well but they’ve got some disadvantages)
Tin Solder
Soldering Flux
Electronics components:

ESP32 board with battery support - it has to fit the sphere! For example FireBeetle ESP32
WS2812b RGB LEDs (200 pcs)
1000mAh LiPo battery”

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