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Infinity cubes and icosahedrons are things that have always caught my eye. They however always seemed quite hard to make, because of the relative complex frame. This infinity cube, however, has a frame that is printed in one piece. Making the build a lot stronger and easier than most other projects. The size of the cube is chosen so only 1M of LED strip is needed for the entire cube, keeping the cost low. I am very happy with how this project turned out and hope you like it as well!

- 1meter ws2812b 144LED/m IP30 $8.69
- microcontroller (Arduino) $2.58
- 6 plexiglass squares (91913mm)
- mirror film $2.19 (Product arrived in bad quality, I can’t recommend ordering it on Ali)
- wire (to connect LED strip pieces) $1.61
- 3D printed frame
- soapy water (is this even a material?)
- 5V power supply $4.86 (10 A if you want all LEDs to be white, but 5A should be fine in most cases)

- Soldering iron
- second glue
- hot glue (optional)
- wire strippers
- small pliers ( to help with soldering in tight corners)
- 3d printer (or someone willing to help you out with printing the frame)”

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