As a true music lover and an electronic and computer science student, I’ve always wanted to build MIDI devices, that I could use for electronic music creation.
After attending to a lot of shows and music festivals, I started to get really interested in light shows during performances.
After a lot of research, I’ve mostly only found devices that use microphone and could not allow to control LEDs exactly as you want.
By getting more and more familiar with DAW and MIDI signals, I decided to get start with this project!
It consists in a 3D structure with incoroporated LEDs, that are actually controlled by MIDI signals (NoteOn, NoteOff and CC Messages).
So that, the musician could control the color and the intensity of each LED, only by using MIDI signals, generated by any DAW.
With this idea, I wanted to enhance creativity through light shows and allow everyone to build his own, to make every visual performance unique.”


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