Pocket-Sized Linux Computer: Pi-Micro

Have you ever wanted to make a computer that could fit in your hand? One that was a full-fledged laptop, but tiny? Me too, so I built this little laptop, which I call the Pi-Micro. This is the third version of the Pi-Micro, almost a year in the making, and I felt that it was polished enough to share. The Pi-Micro runs a full linux operating system, and has the ability to browse the web, create and edit documents, use the terminal, create custom programming scripts, and play games. As far as I know, it is the smallest computer built using a Raspberry Pi that also has a full keyboard. It is built around the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which has WiFi and Bluetooth built in.
Pi-Micro Specs:

- 512 MB RAM
- 1GHz Processor
- Built in WiFi and Bluetooth
- 3.5” Touchscreen
- 1000mAh Li-ion Internal Battery
- 16GB Internal Storage
- Full QWERTY Keyboard
- Only 108mm x 19.5mm x 70mm (Or 4.25” x .75” x 2.75”)”


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