The TOSHIBA 6N138 and 6N139 consists of an infrared emitting diode coupled with a split-Darlington output configuration. A high speed Ired manufactured with an unique LPE junction, has the virtue of fast rise and fall time at low drive current.

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Arduino Multi-track MIDI Loop Station

“A loop station, or a looper, is essentially a tool to playback in real-time your instrumental riffs (loops). It’s not intended as a recording media, but an instrument to shape the inspiration without distraction (and eventually perform live…). There …

Midi Record/Play/Overdub With 5-Pin Connections

“ Uses an ATMega-1284 chip running at 8 MHz, with 4 k Bytes of RAM and 4 kBytes of eeprom_ _ Uses the old DIN 5-pin connectors Allows recording and playback, as well as overdub: recording along with something you recorded …

MIDI Controlled Led Structure

“As a true music lover and an electronic and computer science student, I’ve always wanted to build MIDI devices, that I could use for electronic music creation. After attending to a lot of shows and music festivals, I started …