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In this tutorial, we will learn the entire process of PCB Designing that is Printed Circuit Board, we will learn how to convert our electronic circuit Idea into a reality using EASYEDA and an online PCB manufacturing service.

so follow up till the end to convert your idea from circuit to reality.


1. Hardware
- Computer.
- Soldering Iron.
- Soldering Wire.
- Helping Hands.
- Solder Fume Extractor.
- Wire Stripper.
- 12v power supply.

2. Software
- Easy EDA.

3. Components
- NE555
- IN4007 Diode
- 10nF, 100nF capacitors
- 1k ohm, 220 ohm resistor
- Strip Light
- Screw Terminal
- 50k ohm pot
- PCB ( refer further steps )”

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