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Terrain-going quadruped. 3D printable. Two servo drive.

I’m designing a 3D printable quadruped which only uses two servo motors. One servo for moving forward and the other one for steering. Want it to be easy to build and control. Also maneuverable and able to clear minor obstacles and uneven terrain.

I’ve previously tried building a couple of two-wheeled robots with the intent of having them drive around my apartment unattended. However that hasn’t usually worked out as well as I’d hoped. What tend to happen is that the robot gets stuck on something after a minute or two, and I’ll have to go rescue it. Usually the stumbling blocks are obstacles that aren’t easily detected by sensors: carpet edges, door thresholds or wires.

I want to design a quad walker robot platform that is really simple to build and is suitable for negotiating living room floor terrain.

Once I’ve arrived at a design I’m satisfied with I will publish stl files for 3D printing, buid instructions and code examples.”

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