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Arduino Old-Style Pong (TVout)


The aesthetics of this project were designed entirely by me, but I was inspired by the idea of 1950s televisions. The materials used for this project were designed to be easily accessible & producible by the public, and as such are poor quality in look.


The code in the final section is a cleaned up version of the Arduino Pong code, that has corrected multiple errors on the other website (such as the error of having the pins wrong). The code also had many delays that crashed the Arduino upon setup. I had help with the C-code of the Arduino setup, and I do not claim this work to be solely via my effort.

Doing this project will require you to have:

A television that can receive RCA wires
One RCA cable
An Arduino Board (Leonardo/Uno) & a breadboard
1 470R resistor
1 1kR resistor
6 alligator clips (Optional, but prevents a lot of messy soldering)
2 10k Ohm potentiometers
Jumper Cables (around 10)
Soldering gear (Wire, Iron, Flux)
RCA Socket (Used for my method)
75R Resistor (Used for my method)
The code in the software section
(Optional) Cardboard
(Optional) Spray Paint (colour of tv)
(Optional) Bottle Caps (to become buttons)
(Optional) 1 Marker Pen (preferred colour of buttons)
(Optional) Glue (to stick the buttons)”

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