As you might have guessed by looking at the photos, this device helps you measure the angle of a surface with respect to earth’s gravitational field. In a nutshell, if i=the device measures an angle of 0.0something degrees it means you have done a nice job at leveling the desk.
In this instructable I will take you through the steps that I followed to make this awesome project.
I hope you will like it.

The list of components is fairly straight forward. A simple arduino, (Nano in my Case), MPU 9250 IC, and an OLED display to output the data. As usual, having the monitor is not mandatory but thinking of a laptop eveytime you want to test a surface might be a bit absurd.

I got the MPU 9250 from Ali Express for about $3.5. This is not the cheapest IC but the noise levels were considerably lower. I highly recommend this IC

There’s nothing special about the arduino or the wood. Arduino is a clone and works great. Just make sure to use some descent quality wood that will not chip off every single time.”


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