Faux Nixie Tube Clock

I love retro tech. It’s so much fun to play with older tech since they are usually larger and more aesthetic than modern equivalents. The only problem with old tech such as Nixie tubes is that they are rare, expensive, and generally difficult to work with. Since the library near me just got a laser cutter for the public to use, I knew I had to make a project to learn how to use it. What better thing to do than combine my passion for old tech with lasers. These LED “Nixie” tubes are much cheaper, less dangerous, and can be powered off of USB power.If you like this project consider voting for it in the Faux-Real Contest.The template I used for my PCB was provided by Connor Nishijima on github (https://github.com/connornishijima/lixie-arduino)My original inspiration for this was the version that Make did (https://makezine.com/projects/led-nixie-display/), but Connor’s PCB was much cheaper to produce.”


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