Binary clocks have always attracted my attention and here is my version. There are a number of design elements that I believe sets it apart from other variants described on Instructables and other internet sites:
Addressable RGB LEDs have been mounted on a copper frame that is external to the body that houses the electronics. An IR remote is used to set the time / alarm, snooze the alarm, select a display colour. The alarm tone is able to be easily personalised. Its in a piece of driftwood!!The use of the external frame to support the LEDs was due to how much I liked the completed look of the display. The original plan was to have it mounted inside a box, behind opaque perspex but this would have been a design crime!
A joking comment from a co-worker led to the incorporation of the MP3 player for the alarm tone. When he found out I was building a binary clock, he made the remark that I “should go full nerd and have a dial up tone for the alarm”. He was right and I have a wee laugh everytime that it goes off.
This project has been a learning experience for me and I don’t admit to having everything right for either the hardware or software components. That said, hopefully there will be elements that you are able to use, modify and incorporate into your own, unique, timepiece or other project.”


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