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Last year, after seeing a few people using ping pong balls as diffusers, I got the idea to make a clock out of them. However, inexperienced as I was/ am, this took super long and it was build in a really inconvenient way. I also did not document anything so recently I build a better one so I could upload a tutorial. This is a finished build. However, since it uses an Arduino, further modifications are possible.
In the images, you can see the previous version and the new one. The newer version requires way less soldering, looks neater and is easier to make. (for pictures with 2 panels, the top one is the old version)
For anyone building this: This project requires some repetitive work, I advise to first make a small test version of this to prevent mistakes that otherwise might occur later on. (I build a small piece of this display (picture) both times I build one)”

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