Remember those DC motors, all you need too do is to hook up the positive and negative leads to a battery and holla it starts running. But as we started doing more complex projects those DC motors doesn’t seems to deliver what you need…. yes I mean efficiency, precision and above all torque without any gear reduction.
Well the story started as I planned to built a semi automatic drill press which can help you drill through objects like a usual drill press but with the help of a foot pedal so that you can hold the object with both your hands without the need of a helping hand. Long story short I need a motor that can move the drilling head up and down precisely and also offers a good amount of torque.
Failing to get all those from a simple DC motor I decided to use a stepper motor. Yes the one that has four wires and thats all I knew about them.So I in this instructables we are going to make a controller for these four wire stepper motors that enables us to control the speed and direction of the motor without using a micro controller.”


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